dinners and tastings

Tuscany is a kingdom of food and wine, a land of ancient traditions and modern evolution, synonymous with wealth and quality in enogastronomy. And the Valdarno in particular is no exception: here, the area offers excellent products, primarily extra-virgine olive oil (excellent and reputable the ones from Pratomagno and Pergine), but also vegetables and legumes (such as the Fagiolo Zolfino del Pratomagno IGP), the meat (the Chianina beef and the Pollo del Valdarno, raised exclusively free and outdoor), salami (the Tarese the Valdarno and the Prosciutto del Pratomagno), and of course the wines, that have achieved excellent levels of quality thanks to the excellent work done in the vineyard and in the cellar by many local wineries (we suggest in particular the Winegrowers of the Setteponti Association, that organizes events, tours and tastings in their cellars).

Your holiday in Tuscany will be way better if you enjoy full of great opportunities that our region has to offer: visits to farms and wineries, direct sale of zero-distance products, tastings, restaurants offering typical dishes based on local produces at fair prices. A stay here is the perfect time for a real gastronomic tour!

And to make your holiday at Casarotta a truly complete experience, you will love to join in one of our dinners / tastings on the terrace, that we organize in a friendly way for our guests only. Our extra virgin olive oil, fresh produces - local and organic whenever possible, the vegetables from our garden, healthy and genuine home-like cuisine... all this in the evening, on our terrace with a beautiful view, from sunset until late at night, by candlelight and lights valley ... an experience you will never forget!