Buriano Bridge

Nature Reserve of Buriano bridge and Penna

This magnificent natural reserve was one of the first protected areas established in the province of Arezzo, specially created to safeguard the proliferation of birds that nest in this part dell’Arno. The reserve covers the stretch dell’Arno ranging from Buriano bridge to the dam of Penna. Keep walking along the Arno, and you can visit the ancient fortified villages of Penna, Rondine and Monte Sopra Rondine, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river and all the surrounding wetland.

All around the reserve a specific regulation for hunting and fishing is established, which acts as a “buffer” between the sensitive area of the river and farmland and urban areas. The landscape of this area is characterized by an alternation of cultivated fields and forests with oaks, poplars and elms, with a typical undergrowth of the Mediterranean woods.

Tourists have the opportunity to watch a large number of extremely rare birds like the red heron, the “cinerino” heron, buzzards, barns, owls, tawny owls and many others. Along the nature excursions in this beautiful natural paradise, it is not rare to run across unique and funny mammals, like the porcupine and the polecat.