Inferno Valley

Nature Reserve of Inferno valley and Bandella

This nature reserve protects 1300 acres of marshland along the Valdarno the Arno River, which was formed in the 50s around the lakes formed by the dams built for power stations.

The water of the Arno, which is very clear here, forms the so-called Levane lake, which is connected with the Bandella area, formed by the flooding of the valley by the river Ascione.

This area is the meeting point for numerous species of birds, which enrich the fauna typical of the area: the black kite, kingfishers, the Woodlark and shrike: all of them have chosen these places for their reproduction for many years. Other species of birds that can be spotted are cormorants, purple heron and the small magpie, visible in their short stops here.

In the inner zone of the reserve, you can enter into the woods to find various species of animals that inhabit these beautiful places, such as the hare, pheasant, porcupine, deer and wild boar.

In the reserve the Alcedo nature association organizes guided visits by boat.

Photogallery by Alcedo – Bruno Tavanti