Tastings & Dinners

Tuscany is a kingdom of food and wine, a land of ancient traditions and modern evolution, synonymous with wealth and quality in enogastronomy.


The Valdarno is no exception: our area offers excellent products, primarily top-notch extravirgin olive oil, but also some specialties such as zolfino beans, chianina beef, pollo del Valdarno, tarese, prosciutto del Pratomagno and fantastic pecorino cheese just to name a few.


Visits to farms with tastings, direct sale of farm products, small restaurants offering authentic cuisine and traditional recipes, local food festivals… A stay here can easily turn in a gastronomic holiday!


And to round out your holiday at Casarotta, treat yourself to one of our dinners! Enjoy some homely cooking with only the best local ingredients, in the wonderful setting of our panoramic terrace, while the sun sets and the lights of the valley go on… special memories to bring back home.



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