The Pratomagno

Podere Casarotta is located on the southern slopes of Pratomagno, overlooking the Valdarno valley and the Chianti hills. If you thought Tuscany was only cypress trees and gentle hills, get ready to be surprised by these typically mountainous landscapes!


Pratomagno is a mountainous massif located in the heart of Tuscany, and thanks to a dense network of trails immersed in nature, the beauty of its landscapes and the typical features of its small hamlets, is a true paradise for hikers!


Its highest peak is at 1592 meters high, where the Croce del Pratomagno has been erected, a tall iron cross dedicated to Saint Francis, that dominates the mountain top. From here, there is a spectacular 360-degree view, with the Valdarno to the south and the Casentino to the north; on clear days, you can even spot the Thyrrenian sea. The path to reach the cross is easy and suitable for everyone.


A few kilometers from the cross is the picturesque village of Rocca Ricciarda, the highest in Pratomagno, located on the ruins of a medieval fortress on a hilltop. From here, you can admire a breathtaking panorama of the Loro Ciuffenna valley, and enjoy the local delicacies at the Osteria della Rocca (including the typical fritters made with chestnut flour, made with chestnuts collected in these woods and dried in the ancient traditional drying houses).


The Ciuffenna river flows from Rocca Ricciarda to the village of Gorgiti and then Loro Ciuffenna, and its cold and crystal-clear waters that flow in the shade of the woods invite you to take a refreshing swim on the hottest days of the Tuscan summer.


But the whole mountainous area of Loro Ciuffenna is dotted with other small hamlets that are worth visiting: Chiassaia (with its famous “schiacciata” bread), Anciolina, Trappola. All are accessible by car, but also connected by a network of trails that cross the beautiful forests of fir trees, beech trees, and chestnuts. From those looking for a challenging trek to those who love shorter and more peaceful walks, everyone can find their own tailored walk in these peaceful places.


A hike in Pratomagno is an experience not to be missed to discover the natural beauty of our area, immerse yourself in the culture and history of the territory, and taste the flavors of local cuisine.

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